We are one generation fighting for the next.

Every kid deserves a childhood, but not every kid gets one.  Childhood illness and injury prevent so many of Mississippi’s kids from experiencing the joys of childhood, be that going to school, dance recitals, little league games, playing on the playground, and more; but here at RebelTHON, we dance for more.  We dance for a future without childhood illness, and every day we get closer to that future becoming a reality. 


Welcome to the official website of Dance Marathon at the University of Mississippi, also known as RebelTHON. For 6 years now, RebelTHON has been raising funds and awareness for the children at Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital in Jackson, MS. We strive to improve the health of children by providing world-class care, educating tomorrow’s medical leaders, and promoting discovery and innovation.

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Our Impact

Since 2012, the members of RebelTHON have been committed to ending childhood illness. In those six short years, RebelTHON has raised over $600,000+. The money raised has been put towards purchasing sleeper sofas, hospital expansions and daily upkeep costs.

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Over 150,000 kids will be admitted to Blair E. Batson or its affiliated clinics this year, with an average of 410 admitted every day.  That’s 410 kids thrown into chaos, 410 caregivers having to pause daily life for illness, 410 childhoods interrupted every day. 




Since 1991, students across North America have raised more than $250 million for local children's hospitals. Last year, RebelTHON raised $265,000+ for the kids!



Of donations go to the hospital

Batson is the only hospital in Mississippi for sick and injured children with patients come from all 82 counties. No child is ever turned away for any reason.


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