Avery Bell


Avery's Story

We believe miracles happen every day at Batson. Avery’s parents, Megan and Jake, will tell you their daughter is one of them. Diagnosed before birth with an abnormal growth in her neck area and a chromosomal abnormality called Turner Syndrome, doctors did not expect Avery to survive past 22 weeks gestation. Avery had closed heart surgery at Batson at just one week old and had another in New York at only 7 months old. Avery will soon undergo another heart surgery- a valve replacement procedure- and is very closely monitored by her cardiologist. Due to her Turner Syndrome, Avery has many other issues requiring long-term care, so she is at the Batson quite often. Thanks to her doctors and the care she receives at Batson, she is full of life! Avery loves the color red and is a little Rebel at heart! She beat the odds with her arrival in the world, and with the help of her doctors, is continuing to thrive- bringing joy to her family and friends always!