Luke's Story

Siblings Luke and Caroline Puckett both visit doctors at Batson Children’s Hospital, but for vastly different reasons.


Luke was born with Spina Bifida which is an open spine defect. He had his first surgery at 1 day old to close his spine and then spent 4 weeks laying on his stomach in the NICU waiting for his incision to heal. He developed hydrocephalus at about 3 months old and had to have a shunt placed to drain excess fluid from his brain. Though he has no feeling in his feet, doctors believe with continued physical therapy Luke will be able to walk with the assistance of leg braces. Luke works super hard in therapy and loves to walk around as much as he can but uses his wheelchair for longer distances. The siblings regularly see specialists at Batson Children’s Hospital for check-ups and have found encouragement and strength in one another.

This or That: Kingston edition

Favorite Song: God’s Country, by Blake Shelton

Favorite Movie: Looney Tunes

Favorite Food: French fries, cheese grits, mac & cheese, fried rice, and baked beans

Favorite Color: Red and blue

Favorite Activity: Arts & crafts and playing Apex on Xbox

Dream Job: Superhero