Welcome to RebelTHON!

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     Hi y’all! Thank you for visiting our website! My name is Ashley Mayberry and I am honored to serve as the 2018-2019 president of RebelTHON. You have already made the best decision by considering this cause, this movement, this program.

     RebelTHON is an organization on our campus that is fighting for something much bigger than ourselves; we are fighting for childhood illness and specifically for the kids that are patients at the only children’s hospital in Mississippi, Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. We serve as a part of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ national Dance Marathon movement where college students all across the country are raising funds and awareness year-round. We culminate our efforts with a 12-hour Dance Marathon, where we come together as one team and stand and dance for the kids that can’t as well as the parents, nurses, and doctors that are on their feet hour and hours, day after day. This final event celebrates all the efforts RebelTHON has made and best of all, we get to hand our hospital a check -- last year, it read $265,912.30 FTK (for the kids)!!!

     As a senior in college who has been involved with dance marathon all four years of my college experience, I stand strong in saying that being part of this movement and this organization on my campus has been something truly special and truly life changing. Every year I hear family stories and meet these kids that have gone through things I can’t imagine and it lights a fire in me to fight for them, because I can. There are many other things we could be doing in college, but I believe this the best possible way to spend my time, efforts, and money. Every dollar that RebelTHON raises is one more dollar going to help a child. That is incredible. So, if you have any interest in joining our movement, dive into our website and our social media! Read about our program, our kids, our hospital, and our team. I promise it won’t take you long to see how special Dance Marathon and RebelTHON really are to all of us. I hope that you will join us in fighting for these kids in whatever way you can, whether that is through donations, time, spreading awareness, or participating in our many events. We can’t do this alone and my hope is that our movement continues to grow each and every day, for the kids.

Hotty Toddy & FTK,
Ashley Mayberry
President of RebelTHON 2018-2019