Fundraising Tips


To help kickstart your fundraising...

Ask Friends and Family


Send out letters via snail mail. Use something that stands out and is personal so that people know it is from you. 


Use e-mail to get the word out, just don’t make that your only way of contacting people. E-mail is still great for reminders and/or reaching people you may not have a physical address for.

Social Media

Use your Facebook, Twitter, or blogs to get the word out. Create an Insta video telling your followers why you’re raising money or personally message all of your Facebook friends and ask for $1. Be sure to include a link with your donor drive.

Holiday Giving

Ask family and friends to donate to your cause instead of Christmas/birthday presents.

Things to Sell


Sell homemade crafts either locally to friends and family or even on Etsy!

Bake Sale

Host a bake sale and ask friends or family to help by contributing their favorite goodies. Hold it in conjunction with another event such as a neighborhood garage sale, sporting event, etc.

Clothing Recycle

Sell your old clothes to Plato’s Closet (or something similar) and donate the money.

50/50 Raffle

Half of the proceeds go to your fundraising goals and the winner of the drawing receives the other half. Good places to host 50/50s are at restaurant events, ball games, charity events, etc.

Midnight Snack

Sell late night food (pizza, candy, etc) in the dorms at night.

Things to Do

DD for a night

Offer to be a personal chauffeur for a night…for a donation of course!

Get Embarrassed

Find people to donate a certain amount of money to see you do something embarrassing (post an embarrassing picture on social media, shaving/ cutting/coloring your hair, etc.)

Wrap Gifts

Many stores and other retail establishments allow you to wrap gifts for donations during holidays.


Run a 5k or a half marathon and find people to pledge each mile you run.

Free Service

Rake leaves, shovel snow, take care of a pet, etc. When offering your service, ask the person for a donation toward your cause.


Promote this as a great way for parents to have some alone time!

Collect Coins

Instead of using your spare change when you pay cash, take change and place it in a bucket. Save up throughout the year and donate it!